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Reethi Fashions Latest Summer Collection 2013 For Women

Reethi Fashions Latest Summer Collection 2013 For girls &  Women (11)Reethi Fashions is owned by Reethi, which is a popular Boutique & Online store. Recently, Reethi Fashions latest summer collection 2013 was revealed. Reethi Fashions latest summer collection 2013 was revealed recently. Beautiful clothes with long shirts, dupattas and churidaars are there in this latest spring summer collection. Beautiful embroidery can be seen on many of these stylish dresses. Bright colors like red and yellow have been used on the dresses of Reethi Fashions latest summer collection 2013. The dresses are such that they can be worn for parties or used for casual wear.  They are mostly quite traditional. So, if you want beautiful dresses with traditional styles, consider going for Reethi Fashions latest summer collection 2013.

Reethi Fashions is owned by Reethi. Reethi is a popular online store in india. It provides shoes along with matching accessories. Reethi Fashions has released a few collections and all of them included quite trendy dresses. For example, Reethi Fashions winter collection 2013 had really stylish clothes for girls. Dresses for various occasions are provided by Reethi Fashions. For example, it provides clothes for casual wear, party wear and formal wear. The clothes are also of good quality like the shoes of Reethi. The clothes can be bought through the store of Reethi in Hyderabad or they can be ordered online and through phone.

You can see the wonderful clothes in Reethi Fashions latest summer collection 2013 below. The photographs are attached. You can get the clothes from the outlet of Reethi in Hyderabad or order them through phone. The phone number and store address for Reethi both are given on the Facebook fan page of Reethi Fashions. You may also inquire about the dresses through Facebook or through phone. The address of Reethi Fashions Facebook Fan page is given over here. Go through the Facebook fan page of Reethi Fashions to get more details about both the brand itself and its collections.

Reethi Fashions Facebook Fan Page:

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Updated: May 21, 2013 — 7:18 AM

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