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Nishat Linen ZigZag & Frames EMB Collection 2013-14 for Winter

Nishat Linen Frames EMB & Zigzag Pret Dresses 2013-14 (20)

Today Paki Style has going to share with collection of Nishat Linen Zigzag & Frames EMB Dresses 2013-14, which is recently launched. These pictures was taken into Nishat’ Winter Pret Collection 2013-14 for women. This collection Nishat Linen bring you Zigzag & Frames EMB Exclusive winter designs 2013-2014 for women. Nishat Linen Winter Zigzag & Frames EMB Designs 2013/2014 collection that includes some unique traditional dresses, creatively printed in floral, check, lines and abstract style with intricate embroidery. Nisha Winter Zigzag & Frames EMB Pret Collection 2013-2014 perfect blend of casual and Formal wear.

Nishat Linen Frames EMB & Zigzag Pret Dresses 2013-14 (12)

Nishat Linen is a name of quality and style. Nishat Linen – high-quality apparel and home accessories. Nishat Linen is a top brand in fashion and branded fabric in Pakistan. Nishat Linen was established in 1990. Nishat Linen is a product of Nishat Mills, A leading textile manufactures in Pakistan. Nishat Mills has a vast range of products for men and women. This year Nishat proudly introduced extraordinary collections for summer season and got huge fame due to their unique style and patterns. Nishat Linen have some mini brands like Nisha for women’s wear, Naqsh for men’s wear, Nisha/Naqsh Prince,Princess for Kid’s wear and Bedding for Home Accessories. Nishat Linen offers its clothes through online shopping. The company has several outlets of its own in Pakistan also.

Nishsta Linen Winter Pret in out now and available at store now. In this Nishat Linen winter / Fall Pret 2013-2014. Nishat released this NL Pret collection in different price range 2200 PKR to 5500 PKR. Nishat has launched this Pret wear catalog for winter season 2013-2014.

Nishat Linen ZigZag & Frames EMB Dresses 2013/2014:

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Updated: November 26, 2013 — 10:52 AM

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