Al Zohaib Textiles Monsoon Festivana Lawn Collection 2013

MonSoon Festivana Lawn Collection 2013 By Al Zohaib Textiles (2)

Al-Zohaib Textile, which is the largest manufacturer and retailer of women’s fashion garments in Pakistan, has already launched several collection for the several seasons and events. Al-Zohaib Textile is all set to provide you another stylish, elegant and beautiful dresses collection. After his release a few months ago Monsoon lawn 2013, Al-Zohaib Textile Festivana Monsoon all set to launch a collection of 2013.

This collection has embroidered fabrics for shirts, printed fabrics for dupattas and plain trouser fabrics in each dress. There are 2VS Textile Summer Lawn 2014 Volume 2 Collection. Read more ... »-3Firdous Summer Lawn Collection 2013 For Women. Read more ... » different colors for each of the designs in Al-Zohaib Textile Monsoon Festivana 2013 collection. Thus, for fabrics for creating stylish clothes, check out Al-Zohaib Textile Monsoon Festivana 2013 collection. Al Zohaib Textiles Monsoon Festivana LawnMonsoon Lawn 2014 Volume.2 by Alzohaib Textiles. Read more ... » will be available from 27th May 2013 on all the leading stores of the country. Let’s have a look over the collection believe me ladies it would be hard for your to leave even a single piece of the collection without purchasing.

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