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Sana Samia Lawn 2014 Macrame Collection Vol-1 by Lala

sana samia macrame lace lawn 2014 by lala textile (6)

Lala Textiles Pakistan has being a part of fashion industry since year 1947. Lala Textiles offered their collections in four categories of Sana Samia’s, Lala Classic, Kesa and a Femme. After the great launches of so many collection, now Lala Textiles has launched Sana Samia macrame lace collection 2014 for women. Each and every dress of this beautiful collection has designed with full of elegant looks and styles. Each and every dress of this lawn collection by Lala Textiles 2014 has adorned with hues.

Lala Sana and Samia Macrame lawn 2014 for women was announced some days ago. It is the latest spring summer lawn collection 2014 of Lala. As the name suggests, Lala has released this collection under the brand “Sana and Samia”.  Sana Samia’s macrame lace collection 2014 volume 1 has launched now. This beautiful collection has designed and launched with full of stunning designs and awesome prints. These dresses are looking attractive and elegant in their high quality fabrics as well as embellishments. Sana Samya macrame lace collection 2014 volume 1. There are 16 unique designs in it. They feature lace and embroidery on different fabrics. So, ladies will find the designs to be quite feminine. Thus, we think that Lala Sana and Samia Macrame lace 2014 for women will get appreciated by lots of ladies..

Sana Samia’s has launched their exclusive collection but prices are enclosed. For further details. For business inquiries contact:

Sana Samia Macrame Lawn 2014 Spring/Summer Collection 2014 For Girls and Women ::

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Updated: March 6, 2014 — 9:17 PM

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