Sep 17

Latest Nose Piercing Pakistani & European Trend

Latest Nose Piercing Trend 2012-2013: Nose Piercing is a type of fashion jewelry worn by making a hole in any part of nose. It is also called as nostril piercing. This fashion is for both men and women, although nose piercing is mostly common fashion accessory for Women. Like most of the fashion include in ornamental jewelry, nose piercing is also an ancient fashion. This is one of the most common jewelry of the old South African civilization and also very common among the tribal areas of Asia.Nose piercing sometimes contains a chain leads to ears that is fastened to earrings. This type of nose piercing usually seen worn on marriage ceremony when the bride is specially prepared for this ceremony. Nose Piercing with chain is considered as the important factor in the jewelry for women on her marriage in some of the tribes of India and Pakistan.
Nose piercing is not a modern fashion. This fashion is not so common all over the world but one of the minor fashions and is adopted in some of the countries of world. Here are some of the snapshots for Latest Nose Piercing Trend. Let’s see what’s new in Latest Nose Piercing Trend. Post your comments about this and share with your friends.

Nose Piercing Videos:

Here is a collection of smilling faces with nose piercing and some of our unique 20KT gold nose piercings. It’s exciting to look at pictures of other people’s nose piercings in order to get an idea of just what you want to do. There are different types of piercings… various types of nose jewelry… worries about pain and infection… and these are the things you consider once you’ve already convinced your family or social support network that a piercing is right for you! Continue reading