Sep 21

Fabulous Bridal Paranda Designs

Fabulous and new Bridal Paranda Designs: Paranda is a traditional hair accessory of my country (especially Punjab province), ). Although it’s not routinely used these days but on some occasions young Pakistani and Indian  girls use it for traditional look. I like to discusse old traditions and culture.Its especially for bridal hairstyle.

Now girls/women do not use it so much but on some special occasion like mehndi girls use paranda for getting more traditional look.

The golden paranda looks great with the golden blouse – rest looks kind of haphazard… including the blue tassel of the paranda.

Hairs are divided into three portion like in a braid, and then three strips of the Paranda are braided with the hair. At the end of the Paranda very fancey things are attached, like mirors, colorful threads, etc.

 In Punjab, parandas are available in different types.Paranda also uses some African & European countries.Enlish women and girls use Paranda as new hair style.



Sep 13

Latest Traditional Bridal Fashion Stylish Paranda Designs

Pakistan is very famous for making handwoven Parandas. Paranda is a beautiful hair accessory which women tie with braids. Paranda is made up of  black, yellow or multicolored three strands with trendy designs at the end of each strands. Today parandas even came in a shape of beaded ornaments. Though they are little expensive but look very stunning on bridal braids. Nowadays girls and brides love to wear paranda in Mehandhi occasions. Brides wear floral prandas on wedding day as well which look very elegant with red bridal dress. Lets have a quick look…They are specially made for specific occasions like for wedding ceremony, for Eid or for Mehndi function. For a bridle it becomes a very necessary item at her Mehndi function.